Faith in Love

“Faith must be strong, or love will not be fervent; the root of the flower must be healthy, or we cannot expect the bloom to be sweet. Faith is the lily’s root, and love is the lily’s bloom. Now, reader, Jesus cannot be in your heart’s love except you have a firm hold of him by your heart’s faith; and, therefore, pray that you may always trust Christ in order that you may always love him. If love be cold, be sure that faith is drooping.”  Charles Spurgeon

I often talk about the challenges we face in life as opportunities to glorify the Lord.  It’s not always easy when your in the heat of it though… I think we would all agree on that one.  Saturday morning Kyle, Ryan & I were heading down to market… Kyle was driving and suddenly we heard this big bang and then scraping… so thankfully we had just pulled away from a red light and were able to pull off to the side of the road.  After some investigation we discovered our hitch had buckled… we could hardly believe it.  Well, I told Kyle to unhitch and we would have to turn around and go swap out a truck with someone.  So after a call, a good friend was on the way to meet us and trade trucks… at 5:45am… like I said… good friends!  As we headed back I was trying to stay calm considering the time we would be getting to market now and the set up that is required with our stuff… Suddenly Kyle says, “There must have been a really big accident up there mom.”  I looked at him and wanted to cry… a seed planted had sprouted.  I always tell the children when stuff like happens… we are running late, stuck at a train, behind a slow moving vehicle or whatever that the Lord must be sparing us of some accident up ahead…  My heart was so blessed by my child…

I have to remain steadfast in my walk with the Lord to be able to maintain this attitude… I must continually rely on His guidance in my life to be able to love unconditionally.  I must keep my focus on Him and me… I cannot loose site of the goal!  The ’emotional’ feelings that we have typically result in words and conduct that aren’t always appropriate.  We cannot trust our emotions.  The way each person perceives or interprets a particular circumstance in which they are in will have a large impact on the emotional feelings they have.  Thereby resulting in our words and actions.  So long as we keep Christ on the Throne of hearts… so long as we keep our self off… and remain focused on the goal…

What is the goal in all this…. to trust in the Lord with all our heart, mind and soul… then and only then can we be steadfast.

“Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice. My soul followeth hard after thee; thy right hand upholdeth me.” Psalms 63:7-8

Until next time,


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