The Innocence Of A Child…

As small children under mothers wings they are sheltered from much… but as they grow into adolescence and begin to desire to spread their wings, it is difficult to watch sometimes.  Our six children range from eighteen years to two years and we are in many different stages all the time.  This can be exhausting some days to say the least! The little ones are in the training stages of kindness, obedience and sharing… then the teenagers are in the stage of building character and a personal relationship with Christ.  A parent needs so much wisdom and I am so thankful that I can turn to God’s word for that wisdom.  But life still has it’s challenges and continually poses new issues that we never even thought about. 

In Ecclesiastics the writer Solomon say’s there is nothing new under the sun and all in life is vanity. I believe this is true… parents today have the same issues as parents did back in the Bible days… that’s why God’s word is still the same today as yesterday… and that is why we can turn to His word for everything today.  Although I feel we are much more blessed today then in those days… we have the New Testament which tells us about the love and forgiveness that Jesus provides to all who are willing to receive it.  It gives us the true story of love… His perfect, unfailing love… this love is for an example for us… one to learn and grow by… an example to live by.  Even the days we fail, His love never fails…  That is the perfect example we need to set for our children… love and forgiveness.

As I look at our children I realize their innocence and how precious it is.  As parents we have a duty to nurture and protect that innocence.  Life will all too quickly grab hold of them and much of it will be lost.

Until next time,


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