Forgiveness is a beautiful thing…

“As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us.” Psalm 103:12

Forgiveness is a beautiful thing… it is freeing and gives a peace within the heart and mind that no words can truly express. 

When our children, spouse or a friend ask for forgiveness for a wrong done, are we quick to cast it away, leave it behind and move on to pleasant pastures… or do we forgive in word only while deep within their is still a bit of that hurt being held onto…  As humans with a very Adamic nature it can be difficult to ‘just let go’… but with Christ’s love with in the heart it can be much easier. When we can focus on what He has done for us and have the faith to know and truly understand the depth of His great love, it should be easier.

I often watch our two littlest ones, Evan & Aaron and think how cute & funny they can be. Aaron has a few words yet Evan seems always to understand his jibber-jabber… This morning they were playing in the sandbox under their climber and Aaron was wanting something… Evan quick got it for him and then all was well again.  I told Evan that was very nice of him to make Aaron happy… big smiles from both.  Not too much later the shrills began… now it was a different story… Evan wanted something and Aaron did not want to ‘give it up’ shall we say.  A few words and all was well again… I am sorry, big hugs & mushy kisses and off they went.  I beleive this is what Jesus meant when he said as Christians we are to be as little children… They are easily entreated, quick to forgive and forget, they have an incredible amount of trust and faith… Children set good examples for us adults in some situations…

Let us forgive and love as Christ, for He gave through death on the cross the perfect example…
Until next time,


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