Dragonflies and my little boys…

So we’re at market today and it’s about 12:30ish… all of a sudden I see a dragonfly… I can’t believe it… right there in the middle of the market!  Then as it got closer I noticed it was a mating pair, the smaller male was riding on her back as they fluttered and hovered about… but that wasn’t all, suddenly I see another and another… seven pairs in all!  I love dragonflies and I always tell the children when I see one in an unusual spot I know the Lord sent it for me to admire and think about Him… His wonderful handiwork in nature… perfection in the smallest and intricate details.  They hovered over the green area until we left at about three o’clock… so peaceful and beautiful…

Last night as I lay sandwiched between Evan and Aaron, I was laying them down for bed, Aaron is all cuddled in and stroking my cheek… Evan is ‘nuggled in behind me holding on tight… by the way I am very claustrophobic… it is getting a little to ‘nuggly for mom… Evan usually dozes off first and then Aaron is not to far behind… they are so sweet.  As I lay there looking into Aaron’s big blue eyes I remember when I was expecting him and remember looking at Evan in what is now Aaron’s ‘spot’… I remember thinking as I looked at him, ‘how could I love another child as much as loved this little one?… I was fortyish and feeling it.  Now I look at him and can’t believe I ever wondered… I look at him and the love I feel is sometimes overwhelming to tears… it’s that way with each of them… especially when they are sleeping <smile>… They each have a heart string that tugs… so many mother heart prayers sent up for these children…

“There seemed to be something huge and important to say; But somehow, then, we could never think of the words.  Anyway, they would keep, so it did not matter, And there would be time and time enough to remember; so we laughed as the years flew over our heads like birds.  And then, one day, we remembered them; ran all the way, breathless came running, and beat and called at your door; at the door of a house whose silence and emptiness mocked us, for you had slipped out the back way, quite quietly, leaving “I love, and thank you,” unneeded, unsaid, ever more.” Margaret Willy

Love is a wonderful to have and to give… share it as often as you can… some day they will be gone…
Until next time,


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