Child of God, Child of Mine…

Children seem to be on a never ending cycle of trying to reach some new adventure… usually at my peace of mind’s expense.  Whether it be learning to walk or drive… climb a tree or ride a horse… there is always something to be weary about it seems. 

I mentioned the other day that our son Kyle is now in drivers training… he is a fairly good driver and I am not really worried at all when he is behind the wheel with me in the passenger seat. I look at this young ‘man’ and remember when he just toddled about… my blond haired, blue eyed baby boy… now he is trying to shave… an he is driving… when I look at him I just can’t believe how he is growing… into manhood.  He has a kind and gentle spirit… he loves little children.  Every time he comes home from school or playing outside he always looks for his baby brother Aaron… he will rock him to sleep or read him and Evan stories. Really all the big boys take pretty good care of the little guys.  It blesses me so much… but we do have those moments that it is kind of fun to make the little guys give a holler or a shriek…  “Boo!” from behind the wall! They scream and then they laugh… boys… children. 

These children are becoming young people and moving into adulthood… It isn’t always easy to be in the passenger seat with your child.  We as parents have experienced a lot of things in our lives and we do know better, shall I say.  I think back to my youth and the incredibly stupid things I did and want to simply protect them from the dangers that I put myself through.  All I can say now is praise the Lord He had a plan for my life that included Him… Now the question we face as parents is how do we work this into our children’s hearts… how do I without being over bearing and controlling protect them… Life’s challenges again.  Children present some wonderful attributes… my life goal is leading them to the most important attribute… salvation for their souls… living a renewed life for Jesus…  what a challenge…

“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he shall not depart from it…”
                                                                 Proverbs 22:6
…what a promise
Until next time,


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