The Courage of Faith

“Be still, and know that I am God… ” Psalm 46:10a

“The Courage of Faith is consistent with Commonsense. Even though Paul had God’s assurance, he felt that he must do what he could, as though all depended on his sagacity. Faith ought not to make us act presumptuously or foolishly. Holy calm and stillness rule in the heart of him whose mind is stayed on God.  We are likely to encounter many storms in our life before we anchor in the Fair Haven of Eternity, but in the heart of every cyclone there is a point of rest; and in the fiercest storm that sweeps our world, we may hide in the secret place of the Most High, and sing Psalm 46:1-11.”*

Some days it takes a lot of faith to endure the storms of life… When I was reading this it just reached down into the depth of my soul and filled me with a peace that can’t be described in words.  He is ever faithful as we allow Him to be in our lives.  We are so human and we fail so easily, but if we allow Him, He will catch us before we fall.  The flesh is quite willing to stray, but our souls long for that intimacy with Him… our souls came down from Heaven and long to return home with our Saviour.
What do we do when we come to a cross road in life? Do we take the narrow or the wide way… Only the narrow way will lead to life everlasting… look up and believe… have faith… trust…

“By day and by night, in life and in death, may I ever be true to Thee, O Lover of my Soul, my ceaseless Friend, my unchangeable Saviour. Into Thy hands I commit my spirit! AMEN.”*

*Taken from e-sword Daily Devotionals, Meyer, June 17th, 2012

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