Little boys and jumping on the bed…

“The greatest moral force in history is motherhood. Childhood is directed by its love; youth is kept pure and honorable by its sweet dominance; and mature age finds its influence regnant, shaping character even to the end.  Mother is the title of woman’s supreme dignity.”
                              From The Times, February 1929

Last night my ‘mom & dad’ in the Lord were over for supper…we were visiting in the living room and suddenly we hear a very recognizable sound… little feet jumping on the bed!  Neil went up to take care of the situation as I had visions of them coming through the ceiling. Dan quickly assured me this probably wouldn’t happen… so OK, the bouncing ceased. 

Little boys and big boys oh my… and a girl to boot… what a weighty responsibility we have in raising them up for Him and His glory.  Some times I look at these children and the weight of this truth weighs heavy on my heart… I am so imperfect… and they are so innocent.

I have a picture of Ryan from a couple summer’s ago holding a quart jar with a bouquet he made pinned up on the bulletin board over my desk… just the other summer… he looks so little in that photo, and now he is ten and growing like a weed.  He will all too soon be a teenager; one with big ideas and dreams… he loves to tell stories and talk, oh yes he can talk… and I love to talk with him.  Sometimes I catch myself listening but not really listening… I quickly turn the ‘real’ ears back on and I can see in his face he caught it too.  He is a happy go lucky little fellow…

Each of them is so special in their own way… they each have their talents and gifts… different things they find enjoyable… each at a different stage in their growing years… six children with totally different personalities… but one thing is the same… they are all mine, given to me but for a short period of time to teach them about His love… to be a mother is a gift.

Until next time,


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