God wants us to believe…

When we talk to our spouse, children, friends or complete strangers we want what we say to be believed.  As Christians, lying is not an option, although telling the truth is not always easy.  I believe that there is never a time to tell a lie… before I was a Christian this was not so.  My children would be shocked~ I hope~ if they thought I lied about something.  I believe that the relationship I have with my friends who are not professing Christian’s would also be shocked as well as disappointed in me if they felt that I had not told the truth in a matter… in my heart I would never want to offend anyone by lying.

What about ‘little white lies’ as some are often called… well if you are planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend, spouse or child and they directly ask you I think you can re-word things still as not to tell a lie.  What about misleading people to believe something that isn’t true?  Again, what is the motive behind your answer?  A lie is a lie I am afraid.

We want people to believe our words… we want to be trusted… this is our human nature.  Well God want’s us to believe too… He wants us to believe in Him and His son Jesus… He wants us to let others see His work in our lives.  As I mentioned earlier, before I was a Christian I didn’t think twice about lying… now, thankfully it is different.  I want people to see His good work in my life and believe in Him because they can see His love in me…

Life can be a challenge and telling the truth can be sometimes as well, but the rewards of honesty are by far greater….

Until next time…


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