Good Morning!

What lovely words to hear as you start your day afresh… a smile alighted upon your face…
I love when I hear little Aaron’s toddling feet scamper down the upstairs hallway and then call out ‘maaaammmmm’ so sweetly.  As I reach for him, his little outstretch arms and open patties just waiting for me to snatch him up and cuddle.  Evan is a real morning cuddler too… he’ll sweetly say that he just wants to cuddle… these days won’t be here much longer… how I truly cherish them. 

Although I do appreciate how they grow and mature,  it is different with the older children. They’re not much for cuddling, now they want to talk and share, this is equally as precious.  When they share their fears and cares, their joys and laughter, their trials and temptations.  As a mother my heart often seems to be in prayer for these children of mine… prayers for safety, continued purity, tenderness of heart, sincerity in life… and most importantly a desire in their own hearts for a personal relationship with Jesus. 

As a parent we only want the best for our children… I want them to have a peace in their hearts and lives that they can only know through a life that is surrendered to Him… a life that is more interested in others than self… a life of devotion.  There is such joy in a mothers heart when our children walk with the Lord.

“Children and mothers never truly part- bound in the beating of each others heart.’ Charlotte Gray

Until next time,


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