Some days seem longer than others… it’s been rainy here the last couple days… thunder and lightening woke us up through the night.  I love thunder storms and I have always tried to teach my children there is nothing to be afraid of in them.  God is in total control over those things.  I have told the children the thunder is like God riding in His chariot… the thunder is the horses hooves galloping over the storm clouds… the lightening are His arrows against evil… God will always come out victoriously!  Too say the least none of my children are afraid of thunderstorms… I want them to know that God is in them… He loves & cares for us, no matter what! 

The challenge can be when the trials in life come upon us… to show that faith in God to our children… Often times one of the children will come and tell me how they can’t find this or that, full of worry and fret.  I always ask them, “did you pray?”… sheepishly they will say ‘no’ sometimes and others they say ‘of course’… So they pray and it never fails, the Lord shows them right where it is… Faith.  Although there have been times when they can’t find something and they did pray… I tell them, “God always answers prayer… sometimes He says ‘yes’, other times He says ‘no’ and sometimes He say’s ‘not right now’..  Faith…but He always answers!  I remember a time last summer when Ethan was looking for a tool… he can be the one that get’s frustrated a bit more quickly… but suddenly he came running over to Neil and I and burst out, “I found it, God showed me where it was!”  Off he ran to finish his ‘project’… Faith of a child…

We can never let discouragement get us down… With faith in Him, we must trust Him and believe that He will always mean things for good for us… even when it surely doesn’t feel good…

Until next time…


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