Our nest…

Yesterday Evan, Aaron and I spent some ‘quality’ time on the couch watching three blue jays and a beautiful male cardinal eating at the bird feeders in the front garden… then suddenly we saw a large hawk swoop down and land in the field right beside the garden… there was a big black crow who was seemingly very angry darting at it… then another and then yet another and another… I don’t know where they came from all of a sudden. The neighbors across the road have very dense woods filled with enormous pine trees, which is where the crows like to nest.  The hawk just stood in the field hoping around a bit as the crows darted and swooped down at it… after several minutes of this the hawk took flight… so gracefully and quickly, then darted away.  I told the boys I am sure the hawk probably stole one of the crows babies right out of a nest… Evan was quite dismayed by this thought… after all he is only four and in his young mind he was imaging someone taking him out of ‘our nest’ and how awful that would be… To say the least Aaron was very intrigued with the whole affair, but quickly wanted to get back at his toys on the floor.  Evan being a little ‘deeper’ wanted to still watch the blue jays and cardinal.  I explained to him that that is the way it is in nature, survival of the fittest.  I did reassure him that he was fine and so was our ‘nest’…

Our nest… what a sweet thought, especially to a little child… one who needs security, tenderness and love.  I love our nest and the peacefulness of it… I love living in the country and the quietness of life all around… but I do truly enjoy the break of silence when the boys are tearing around the yard playing cowboy and Indian… racing down the dirt road in their go-cart… laughing in the tree tops ~ literally…  the crack of the bat… but not the glass window 🙂 ~ yeah, there’s been that too… then there’s been some other noises coming from mom… well such is life with a family of five boys and an oldest daughter who likes to be a tom boy sometimes…

My hearts prayer is that while we are here on this earth, that ‘our nest’ will make memories for our children… ones of joy, laughter and happiness amid the normal everyday stuff of life…
Until next time,


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