Today and Everyday…

Life on the farm holds it’s challenges… but the joys that come with this life are far beyond words. We hold part of nature around us… we can hear the breeze as it lights softly through the trees lifting and teasing the leaves… the whizzing of the humming birds wings as he chases his female in and around the front porch.  Life is so good and is filled with such an incredible amount of fullness.

As each day draws longer, the sun seems warmer on my cheek, the air has that smell that only can be had in the earliest of spring… when the spring peepers in the pond start their song each evening… the bats swoop over head to gobble up all those pesky mosquito… pulling over wintered onions, oh that earthy goodness!

I love my life on the farm…  I love the sky at night when all you can see is the apparently never ending stream of stars… then suddenly there is a falling star… quick make a wish…knowing and never doubting that God is in Heaven and that everything is all right…

I love watching my children climb trees, roll in the grass, chase butterflies, dig in the dirt, play sword fighting with branches, hear the crack of the ball when it hits the bat.  I love that my children can hear all the sounds without the distraction of traffic, television, radio and the like.  I love that they play and make believe… that they make snow forts and snow men… that they know the good morning song of the robin and the dee-dee of the little chickadee and the caw of the blue jay…. I love that my children can be children…

Until Next Time,


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