Thank You…

How often have we heard ourselves tell our children to be sure to say these very nice words?  …more often than not I am sure.  What a blessing it is when I hear them say ‘thank you’ on their own when they are given something or helped…  I long to instill a grateful thankfulness in each of their hearts… 

I feel that having a thankful spirit is a gift that we must take precious care of… one that needs to be nurtured and practiced often… one that is to be taught from childhood up. Father & Mother need to exemplify this habit to each other when little or big acts of service and love are shown;  We need to express thankfulness to the children… when they pick up their toys, clean their rooms, sort the laundry, set the table, wash the dishes… thanks goes a long way with a child… words of affirmation they can be called… we all appreciate those.  Relationships take work and time… we need to let the people in our lives know that we appreciate them and what they do…

The most important thing we as parents should be thankful for and need to show our children is the gift Jesus gave for each one of us… the precious gift of Salvation…

Until next time,



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