Quality vs. Quantity…

“Take a ‘vacation’ from television for a week and see what happens.  Set out some long-forgotten table games, craft materials, family photo albums and favorite story books where they’ll be easily spotted.”  Taken from “A Dad After God’s Own Heart”, by Paul Lewis

Quality family time is so important to the well being of our relationships within the family structure.

We use to have what our family called Friday Family Fun Night where we would play games, go to the lake for a picnic, play restaurant or whatever else one of us might want to do.  Sometimes we would let one of the children pick while other times Neil or I would choose an activity.  Now that we do farmers markets on Saturdays year round, we don’t get to do this any longer.  Our older children still talk about those fun times.  Ethan happened to mention it last evening while getting ready for market which got me thinking… during the school year we try to do things on Sundays, but don’t do it as faithfully as we did FFFN.  Summer time is much easier simply because there is no school in the morning. We will often do fun things like go to Greenfield Village and The Henry Ford Museum on Mondays, go to the zoo or go out to the lake… things aren’t quite as busy on Monday as the weekends which makes it much nicer in my opinion.

Although it doesn’t always have to be an event… Time spent together as a family doing the simplest activity like reading a family story… sitting by a campfire staring at the stars… playing “eye spy”… playing scrabble or chess,or even putting puzzles  together.  These things will create the memories that will last a life time. It will also help settle a positive habit for our children for their families, Lord willing they have one. 

This week go for walk or a bike ride as a family… take a drive up North… go get an ice cream cone and just talk… our children in this day and age of technology need us as parents to guild the way back to simpler times… enjoy each other.

Until next time,


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