“Every true mother realizes at times that her children are only loaned to her- sent from God- and the attributes of her body and mind are being used by Power for a Purpose.  The thought tends to refine the heart of its dross, obliterate pride and make her feel the sacredness of her office.  All good men everywhere recognize the holiness of motherhood- the miracle by which the race survives.” Elbert Hubbbarb

At times being a mother is terribly difficult.  When training is necessary for the good of the child, yet the mother heart longs to simply hold and make everything alright for them.  Learning life’s lessons are surely a trial and a difficult part of life, but also a part that will hopefully build the character they will need to make the right choices as adulthood comes. Life is filled with choices…. some choices are by far more weighing and life influencing than others.  It is such a trial for me with allowing my older children to try their wings… to let them fly away a bit and trust them to make good decisions… youth is so exciting and the senses become so enlightened.  As parents we do all we can to try to protect them from making the same mistakes we have made… we try to ensure they don’t experience the pains of those mistakes because we love them so much…

But then where is my faith and my trust that God really is in control?  I know He has promised that, ‘..train them up in the way they should go, and they will not depart from it…”  I must believe and trust.

Until next time,


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