Everything begins at home because home is where the heart is…

This is a pretty deep statement when you think about it.  Home is where, shall we say we are ourselves most openly.  Home should be a haven of rest where each member can come and let go of the cares of the day and simply relax and be happy. Our family consists of eight people, so to say the least, haven of rest our home is always not! Lots of noise in the way of laughter and yes crying and whining too… banging and thumping… running and chasing~ remember now five of the eight people are boys <smile>…yes I hate to admit their is even occasional yelling and heated battles that arise ever so often… it is a home where emotions fly~ remember two of the eight are females <smile>…

What do I want our children to eventually leave the nest and remember?  I am sure they will say there were both the good & the bad with the happy & the sad.  But I want them to remember dad’s spooky stories & s’mores around the camp fires under the star lite night… skating on the neighbor’s pond… picnic’s at the lake on Sunday afternoon’s… making home made pretzel’s and ice cream… playing pitch & catch in the front yard… climbing the big maple tree in the back yard while dad was grilling… mom reading stories with such enthusiasm… mountain pie suppers at a friends house… camping in the U.P. and fishing…

happy times need to start at home…

Until next time,


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