Mother’s Love

“Mother’s love grows by giving.” Charles Lamb

We often hear that it is better to give than to receive, and I believe in the area of love this is so true.   Being a mother typically means selfless devotion, limitless sacrifice and commitment that passes all understanding…. If you are a mother you will understand this from the bottom of your heart and the depth of your soul. Mother’s will if at all possible do whatever needs to be done for our children. The bond between mother and child I believe starts in the womb.  The growth and development being an intricate part of her whole being… everything we consider taking into our bodies are first considered to be sure it will in no way hurt our unborn child. Young children are most often closest to mother… she is the one to kiss the boo-boos, snuggle with a story and rock to sleep.  Being a mother is the deepest blessing that one can have been given.

When I look into Evan and Aaron’s little faces as they clamor up unto my lap to rock and snuggle, I can hardly contain my love for them.  They are so little and sweet and just need to be cherished.  They won’t be little long though…. As I look at the four older children and think of the cuddle days with them, it seems as though it was only yesterday. I want to hold onto these days for as long as I can, for soon the older ones will be adults and the little ones will be teenagers. Time keeps moving on and on… lets hold on to these precious moments as long as we can and not become so busy that we miss them…

Until next time,


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