Good Things

“The good things of life are not to be had singly, but come to us with a mixture.” Charles Lamb

Good things…. when you see this what are the first ‘good things’ that come to your mind?  I think of my husband, our children, church, friends, gardening and canning to name a few.  How very blessed we are to have  these things; even though they all can bring us both happiness and  sometimes sadness, what would life be without them?   I often find myself looking at perspective when I am writing and focusing on such thoughts. 

Today is cool and damp and really not what I consider a ‘nice’ day~ but it could be worse, there could be a blizzard going on outside.  Yes I certainly prefer a warm, sunny day that calls me to come out and go for a walk… play in the dirt… lay in the hammock…   I am never tempted in the slightest to drift outdoors in the cold.  So goes my days of doing the ‘inside’ stuff that needs my attention, but is much easier to hand over to Taylor on pleasant days.  I need both the sunny and cloudy to help me keep my priorities in the proper places 🙂

Love is another good thing that we can both give and receive… Here is a poem that I received from Neil and I believe it sums up the good things…

Love is making it through the hard times, even stronger than before.
Love is not sweating the small stuff, because you know you have each other.
Love is compromising and juggling responsibilities, and seeing through to the heart of what really matters.
Love is finding a way to have some alone time together, even after the most hectic of days.
Love is doing the simple little things that make the other person feel special-
Time after time, year after year.
Source unknown.

Let’s keep looking at the good things,
Until next time,


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