Mother’s Heart

“The mother’s heart is the child’s classroom.” William M. Thackeray

Everyday I look into these six children’s faces and the love I feel for them is quite overwhelming.  I often tell them that if it came right down to it I would be willing to give my life for them.  Often times when I watch them play, read or sit at the dinner table and listen to their jabber I get both chuckles and irritations.  Of course this is natural and all mothers experience this.  I just feel bad when I lose my patience and am not as kind as I should have been.  I am thankful they are so forgiving to my failures and my faults; and I certainly hope they know I too forgive them for theirs.

Live is full of lessons and the home is often referred to as the ultimate classroom.  What are my children learning in this classroom we call home?  Is is unconditional love & forgiveness?  Is it temperance & moderation or over indulgence and  gluttony? Is it patience mingled with love or irritation mixed with unkindness?  All homes have good & bad days, I do realize this… but I strive to be their mommy, teacher, mentor…. to kiss their boo-boo’s… to be the shoulder they need to cry on… to be the listening ear when no one else understands… to guild them in the direction that will make them the happiest in life. By happiest I don’t necessarily mean the easiest, but more so one that they can handle the storms of life that will inevitably come… to turn their eyes & hearts upward to the One that can make life easier to live.

There was Someone who gave His life for me… Someone more committed than I could ever dream to be… Someone whose love I could never match…  all I am today is because of His love for me.

Until next time,


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