Raising Them Up…

“To bring up a child in the way he should go, travel that way yourself.”  Josh Billings

I had so much fun with Evan today; we planted in the Kitchen Garden!  We were talking about potatoes and the eyes on them and how to plant them; as I dug the hole and cut the potato, he patiently waited and then would set it into the hole and carefully cover it with the dirt.  I explained to him that a green plant would grow up and when it gets flowers we can start sneaking potatoes from under the dirt off its roots. He was pleased to know that when it was time to dig them up we would all say ‘thank you’ to him for planting them.  He also got to seed some spinach and plant some onions and garlic.  He was so happy to tell his big brothers what he had done when they got home today. 

This week we have been hard at it outside. Neil finished putting on the front of the one hoop house today; when the boys got home from school Kyle helped him get the door made & hung; Ethan fixed my leaky hose and put a new end on it; Ethan & I weeded some of the raised beds; Ethan & Ryan fetched several loads of straw from the barn; then Ryan & I planted three kinds of beets and mulched the beds with newspaper & straw.  What a wonderful day it was when we can all work together.

Some of you may be saying, “Where was Taylor & the baby?” Well Taylor was doing what she loves to do~ she was baking brownies and getting supper ready. Although she did get one of the flower beds ‘almost’ fully weeded.  She likes to be outside, but not near as much as in the kitchen.  We balance each other out perfectly~ she loves the inside stuff & I love the outside stuff!  Although when the work is heavy, we work together both in & out!  She is with the youth group ‘sucker fishing’ this evening having a grand time I am sure!  And the baby, he is ‘everywhere’, literally!

As I thought on this quote the first thing I thought of was being in the garden with the children; but then my mind moved on to a different place I also want to be them.  I need to live my life so that they will see the road I am trying to stay on and want that road for themselves as well~ the road to the most beautiful Garden there ever will be….Heaven.

Until next time,


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