The Sparrow

“Yea, the sparrow hath found an house, and the swallow a nest for herself,
where she may lay her young …”Psalm 84:3

Last evening after we got home from market and had a yummy corned beef & bagel supper we all went outside to enjoy the beautiful evening.  Taylor and the big boys were playing a leisurely game of ball while Neil & I with the little boys watched from the front patio.  The early evening sounds were so pleasant…. the robins saying good night… the spring peepers ‘peeping’ from the pond announcing their awaking… and a pheasant rooster calling on a mate in the distance… then the crack of the ball on the bat and the smack in the catchers glove.  The sun was going down and the evening sky was clear, the rose, purple, blue and orange of the sky were a rainbow only God could create. 

This morning the skies are blue with some fluffy white clouds, the robins are saying good morning and all the other morning birds are saying it is going to be a beautiful day.  Neil is in the kitchen frying up some of our breakfast sausage patties… the scent of Cheeky Monkeys organic breakfast blend is brewing and smells like morning…the children are getting dressed and ready for church.   We are planning to go to a friends house for a bar-b-que picnic after church today.

It is a peaceful morning….
Until next time,


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