Other’s Above Oneself

“Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.” John Wooden

This morning Evan, Aaron & I were watching ‘our’ first Robins having a ‘male’ fight for the tree this morning.  This was quite interesting to both the little guys.  If you have ever watched a robin fight, it really is quite fascinating~ they seem to be caught up in a whirlwind, twisting and turning as their wings flutter and they peck at each other until they finally fall to the ground with one on the other. This onslaught went on for several minutes until the dominant male won out and the other flew off.  Yesterday we watched as two mean, stinky Starlings tore apart a nest out of one of my bird houses that a pair of house sparrows had built in anticipation for Spring. It was mean, downright mean.  I hate starlings and never feel bad when one gets ‘wiped’ out! Even cats won’t eat them, they have a repulsive odor and just plain stink!  Today after school Ethan & Kyle took Evan out and filled all their bird feeders and hung out cobs of dried corn~ they are so sweet to their little brothers.  I love to watch them talk to him and explain what they are doing and to see him admire and look up to them.  I often tell the two oldest and even Ryan, that they have little brothers that are watching all they do and are looking up to them.  They need to set the right examples in all things. 

The bird fight and nest destruction were both sad to Evan, he couldn’t understand why they were being ‘mean’. I told him that is how I feel when he is mean to baby Aaron. He was quite offended not thinking he was ever mean to his baby brother.  But I reminded him of how sometimes he takes toys away or a book and so on. He looked at me as though he understood… that is until the next time he wants Aaron’s toy tractor 🙂 !  It takes time & effort to be nice, and then when you are not being treated nicely it’s even harder. But if we can just remember that golden rule in all circumstances, I think it would be a bit easier.  Without Him and His love in our hearts, it is much harder.

Until next time,


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