All You Need Is Love

“Love doesn’t make the world go round, it makes the ride worthwhile.” Jones

I am looking out of the office window into what use to be my families small veggie garden.  It has over the last several years become one of my perennial gardens.  It is the home to our Asparagus, Rhubarb, Grapes, Blueberries and I am hoping this summer Raspberries.  It also has my Grosso Lavender and several Peonies in it.  It has several raised beds that hold Basil, Parsley and last summer I added some Sage.  I love this garden, not only for obvious reasons, but also for the happy memories it holds.  It is a ‘small’ garden and is easy to keep looking pretty & neat.  I always plant a row of Canna’s facing the road, which is to hide the ugly late fall garden it becomes; Sunflowers go on the side that the neighbors field is and along the back side which faces our back yard & patio. Our older children have all worked in this garden and grown things… tomatoes, onions, carrots, flowers, pumpkins to name a few. But the most important thing that was ever grown there was love.

Quality time that is shared is love in the making.  Taylor & the boys love when I read to them,  I try to read stories that help their imaginations grow. They also love when we sit on the front porch and watch them play a ball game.  It’s fun when mom gets out there and cracks one, and even better when dad get’s in on the game.  They are busy boys with imaginations that seem to grow by leaps & bounds~ right along with their legs!  Taylor is a rose in bloom, a diamond in the ruff.  Love shared is worth it in the end. Love can make things grow…

Until next time,


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