Tribulations in Life…

“When thou art in tribulation, turn to the Lord thy God.” Deuteronomy 4:30

The other day on the way to market we saw a car in the ditch and almost covered with snow.  It did not look nice at all.  I am sure when that person got into the vehicle he/she never intended to end up in the ditch.  It had to be a sickening feeling as they slid and went thump. It  appeared that no one was injured and only the car remained in this unfortunate position.  There are days when each of may feel like we are in a ditch and can’t get out, stuck in the mud shall we say.  Tribulations will come and need to be dealt with even when they are unexpected, unwanted and unasked for.  Something has to be done, but what we ask ourselves, what?  When your head wants to hang low… when your shoulders feel to weak to bear another load… when your heart doesn’t feel like it can be broken again… when….

So often situations come upon us that perplex us to the point of just not knowing what to do.  We try with all our might to get things fixed or repaired on our own strength, when all we really need to do is cry out to the Lord. He cares and He hears, no matter what…

Until next time,


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