"Angry words, oh let them never rise…"

“Treasure each other in the recognition that we do not know how long we shall have each other.”  Joshua Loth Liebman

Whenever our truck pulls out of the lane with some of my family members, I send a prayer Heavenward.  We never know if in the morning when we wake if we shall go back to bed that evening.  We hear stories everyday of people suddenly being taken out of this world and sent into eternity.  We have no guaranties in life and with that thought do we consider the things we say and do?  We are all human and have our short comings and regrets.  Each day presents itself with different joys & sorrows, how do handle them?  Each day we are graced with gives us a new opportunity to keep or make things right in our lives. I know for myself there are days I wish I could erase out of my life, I am sure most of us do.  Although I need to focus on everyday being an opportunity to add a happy page in my life book.  What will people remember us by when we are gone?  How much money we had or how successful we were?  By the kindness and love we showed to others or by a mean spirited temper?  Everything we do everyday of our life will leave some memory or story about us with someone.

On that note lets focus on making joy filled memories. One’s that our children will grow up telling their children and laughing over…. one’s that will bring tears, not of sadness but of tender, loving moments in their lives…. one’s that we will have no regrets over.  The things we do today will be the stories they tell tomorrow.

Until next time,


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