"A house without books is a room without windows" Anonymous

I found this quote interesting as I looked at our book shelves and studied our small library.  I thought about some places I have been in that had no windows, and as I recall they all seemed very cold & eerie.  I love windows and I love them open with full view of all nature happening around me. 

Our children love to read and be read to.  Even Aaron, our eighteen month old will bring a book to ‘anyone’ who’s outstretched arms offer cuddle story time. Our children also enjoy when I read a ‘family’ time story.  Right now we are reading ‘My Side of the Mountain’, by Jean George, it is a boy book for sure.  The boys sit an listen very attentively as I try to make them feel like they are in the story.  In the winter we often play board games or get a puzzle going that everyone helps with. Making soft pretzel’s on Sunday evenings is another welcomed activity, not to mention eating them. Our supper time can be a ‘feast’ of information on the days activities of who, what, where, when and why.  There is lots of lively interaction and sharing during our family devotions as well. 

 As I think on how busy our life get’s and all the things that we need to do, quiet family time is so special.  I know it is for the children as well. 

Until next time,
What do you and your family do together? There are so many things that families can do together to be closer and to get to know each other better.  This week lets focus on family… 


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