What do we know?

Often times when we are driving down the road my boys will see a semi or truck coming and be able to tell what ‘make’ it is.  They are correct most of the time.  This really amazes me and I always ask, ‘how did you know that?’.  I get a silly look and they tell me, ‘Well look at the shape of the head lights, or the grill or tail lights’.  I have not a clue!  The other day I was in the green house looking over things and seeing what had sprouted.  Neil came in as I was pulling out some ‘seedlings’.  He asked why I was doing that and I said they were weed seedlings.  He asked how I knew that.  I looked at him with that same kind of look the boys give me.  I thought about this and as I pondered I realized that all of us know about the things we care about, like or find interesting.  We look to increase our knowledge on those things and spend time involved, if possible, with them.  I know a lot about gardening; Neil and the boys know a lot about trucks, chainsaws and machinery. 

When people ‘see’ me what do they ‘know’ about me?  Do they know that I love Jesus and gardening?  I hope so.  I hope that my actions speak louder about my love for Jesus than anything else.  I hope when people see me, they can see Him shining in and through me.

Until next time,


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