‘But the greatest of these is love…’

When we love our neighbor as our self we can find a happiness that flows freely.  It’s not always so easy to love though.  We get frustrated and irritated over silly ‘little’ things and then love is not shown.  How do we show love freely despite those irritations that creep up over us?  “That is the question”, as Shakespeare once wrote.  Friends & Family are the ones that love & irritation are most often showered upon.  Love must reign though and to love unconditionally can sometimes be a challenge.  I think again it’s like those ‘expectation’s’ I wrote about awhile back- more is expected of others than myself?  When the cup of juice gets tipped over at the supper table for the umpteenth time, it’s hard to not get impatient.  Every mother out there knows what I am saying!  But then I look into that sweet little four or nine year old’s repentant eyes and remember the dish of corn I spilled on the counter just before supper…. They are so little and so sweet and they won’t be for long… oh for wisdom and patience… I am not perfect and I am so thankful for all those that except me with all my short comings- oh that I can be that loving…

Love can cover a multitude of sins. 
Until next time,


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