A new day…

Everyday is a new day and what we choose to make of it will depend again upon our attitudes.  The sun is shining today and sunny days always seem to go nicer for me.  Evan & I were in the greenhouse yesterday and he helped me plant some baby Jade Trees, he did ten and I did ten.  He filled a few of the pots up with his loader bucket tractor in the dirt box.  He was quite content in my 80 degree greenhouse!  Yes I was actually sweating- it was wonderful!  Cloudy days present a bigger problem for me, I seem to have to make a very conscious effort to be cheerful.  I don’t know why, other than realizing many studies have  been done on sunshine & cheerfulness.  I think I am one that is definitely affected by lack of sun.

Which leads me to another type of ‘son’.  When I lack in my quiet time, as mentioned yesterday, I feel bluer.  When the sun shines I am much more likely to feel happier; when I am in the ‘son’ it shouldn’t matter how cloudy or sunny it is because my joy should always come from Lord!  Once again this depends on my faithfulness to my quiet time with the son.  As I allow the ‘son’ to shine in my life  I feel brighter!

Until next time,


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