Frenemey’s… Aka as Friend-Enemy.

This was a new term Neil introduced to me last evening.  He was reading in the paper about two room mates that described their ‘relationship’ with one another as such.  I thought about this for awhile and I think most people could relate to this in one way or another.  It’s one of those people that is really nice to your face but stabs you in the back when you are not around.  How do we react to those kind of situations and people in our lives?  I have to admit I know a few.  As a Christian I feel that I need to continue on in love and as I often tell my children, ‘kill em’ with kindness’.  I also tell my children that ‘kindness begets kindness’.  I truly do believe this because I know that ‘a soft answer turneth away wrath’.  I want in all I do, ‘to do unto others as I would have them do unto me’. This is not always easy, but again like I tell my children, ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. 

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