More on Perspective

“…Where you are looking from and what your goals are determine what you see and what you do.”  Eliot Coleman

I was impressed with this statement. I had to stop and take a moment and really think about this. I do believe this is one of the most accurate statements I have ever read or heard.  How do I look at things?  What are my goals? It brings me back to my blog on perspective again… 

If I look at things from a negative perspective my goals won’t be very high.  If I look at things with the belief that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthenth me…” I can look a life with a totally differnt attitude.  I can believe, even when the world around me seems to be hitting some pretty hard curve balls, I will be OK.  My goals all of a sudden become greater, not just for me but for my personal relationships, my children and my business pursuits.  My goals need to be focused on ‘higher things’ in all of these areas on my life.  Then, and only then will I be able to accomplish what I have set out to do.

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