Do not give in hope of receiving. As another has said, “If we bestow a gift or a favor and expect a return for it, it is then not a gift, but a trade.”

Life is filled with giving and taking, taking and giving… but we are taught that it is better to give than to receive.  I have found a lot of truth in this over the years.  It always gives me such a happy feeling to see a friend or stranger’s face light up when you hand them something just for the anyhow of it.  Awhile back there was a small child eying our popcorn at market,  she was so cute & sweet so I handed her a bag and told her to enjoy it.  Her eyes got so big and she smiled from ear to ear. Her mom said it was not necessary, but even she couldn’t hide her smile and that she felt touched.   I know it wasn’t necessary but those little blue eyes & that smile were too good to pass up…

There are so many things we can give that cost nothing… a smile, a hug, a simple wave across a room, a helping hand, a ‘it’s gonna be OK’ or just a listening ear…

Until next time,


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