We all have expectations whether they be a goal for our relationship, family, business or anything else we work at.  Expectations usually involve some kind of ‘work’, work being the key word.  The question is do I expect more from myself than others or vice versa?  It sure seems easier to expect more from others wouldn’t you say?  I think that is human nature.  The children will sometimes come tattling that the other did such ‘n’ such a thing, but wasn’t it just yesterday that they did the very same thing, hummmmm…  Yes I am sure we all have been in those shoes, I most certainly know I have! 

This week I had some serious ‘expectations’, some were accomplished, others were not.  Such is life I always say.  Yes, we need to set goals , plan things out & organize our time wisely.  But we also need to take one day at a time and enjoy the sunshine, the snow flakes, the rain drops in a puddle, the soft song of a bird in a tree outside our window…. Let’s slow down so we can watch the sunset, feel the breeze blow or lay on the grass gazing up at the star filled sky on a warm evening….

Expectations can take us down a road that is filled with ‘to dos’ where we miss the important things in life….or they can help us realize the important things…. 

Until next time,


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